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Get long, thick, and dark lashes with Latisse

If you’d like to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes, extensions aren’t necessarily your only option. Latisse® is a product used to encourage your own eyelash hair to become fuller, longer, and darker. It works by extending the anagen (growing) phase of hair growth.

Latisse® at Rau Plastic Surgery

Latisse® is a topical product, but its use needs to be prescribed and monitored by a trained expert like board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Todd C. Rau. You will first come in for a consultation at his practice in Redlands, California. Next, your full medical history, allergies, and symptoms will be carefully studied.

For many patients, their eyelashes are far from their only concern. Luckily, Dr. Rau performs multiple cosmetic and reconstructive treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, to revitalize the face’s appearance. For example, you might also be interested in eyelid surgery to further improve the look of your eyelids.

But if you are diagnosed with hypotrichosis, a condition where little to no hair grows on the eyelashes, Dr. Rau may prescribe Latisse® and explain how it could work for you.

What Is the Anagen Phase of Hair Growth?

Hair growth happens in a cycle, with the anagen phase being the first part of the process and lasting the longest. With eyelash hair, the anagen phase typically lasts 4 to 10 weeks. During this time, the follicles are actively growing and pushing out hair.

After the anagen phase, there are three more steps in the hair growth cycle until it restarts:
● Catagen (Transition) Phase - The hair follicles shrink, and hair growth slows down.
● Telogen (Resting) Phase - The hair stops growing but doesn’t fall out yet.
● Exogen (Shedding) Phase - The hair falls out naturally or from scrubbing.

What Is In Latisse®?

Latisse® is the brand name for a chemical compound called bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%. The compound was first used as a glaucoma medication, but a welcome side effect for those patients was rejuvenated eyelashes. This is because the bimatoprost solution contains prostaglandin analog as an active ingredient.

How Does The Prostaglandin Analog Extend the Anagen Phase of Hair Growth?

After the exogen phase is complete, there are prostamide-sensitive receptors in the hair follicles that stimulate the transition back to the anagen phase. They also control the amount of time spent in the anagen phase.

Scientists believe that the prostaglandin analog from Latisse® reacts with the prostamide-sensitive receptors, causing them to restart the anagen phase earlier and make it last much longer. This allows eyelash hair growth to be much more robust, creating that beautiful look you desire.

Learn What Latisse® Can Do For You

Latisse® has quickly developed into a powerful, easy-to-use topical treatment that has proved highly effective for many patients. The best part is that it’s your own hair! If you are located in Redlands or nearby in the Inland Empire, contact Rau Plastic Surgery today to set up your initial consultation to learn more about Latisse® and see if you qualify.



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Browse more amazing enhancements Dr. Todd C. Rau has achieved for his patients

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