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Why choose a Thigh Lift?

Enhance lower-body proportions with a thigh lift if diet and exercise haven't reduced inner or outer thigh size. Combat thick, heavy thighs affecting confidence and body image. Thigh lift surgery reshapes thighs, and reduces excess skin and fat, providing smoother, proportionate results. Firm, youthful thighs boost self-confidence and sexuality.

Best-suited candidates

A Thigh Lift is ideal for those who have experienced significant weight loss, are in good health, have had a stable weight for six months, and are non-smokers. If you have a circulatory problem or bleeding problems, you are not recommended for this thigh­ contouring surgery.

Procedure details

The Thigh Lift procedure only requires an incision in the groin area. To address outer thigh problems, you may need an incision from your groin to your hip. Though some procedures may allow for very inconspicuous incisions, others may have noticeable scarring that will improve over time. In all cases, a Thigh Lift involves tightening and reshaping your tissue as well as removing excess skin to give you smoother, more proportionate thighs.

Recovery and healing

Your recovery and downtime period after your Thigh Lift surgery may take several weeks depending on your body’s ability to heal. You will experience a degree of swelling, bruising, and pain for the first several days. Pain medications can help ease the discomfort.

Elevate your legs as much as possible during the first few weeks. You may notice swelling in your ankles as you start moving around gradually, but this should disappear after a few days. Avoid strenuous activities and any heavy lifting for about six weeks.

Cost of a Thigh Lift

The cost of Thigh Lift surgery varies from one patient to another and will depend on several factors. The overall price will reflect the anesthetic fees, operating room fees extent of work done, and additional procedures performed, such as liposuction.

Find out more by scheduling a consultation or viewing our pricing guide.






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