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Why choose to get a Neck Lift?

As you age, the skin on your face and neck loosens and begins to wrinkle, but a neck lift can reverse this. Skin sagging can be exacerbated by sun exposure, stress and pollutants, making you look older than you feel. Facial cosmetic surgery, including neck lifts, can counteract the effects of aging.

The results from a neck lift create a visible improvement, refreshing your appearance and making you look younger. It may even add to your self-confidence.

Goals of Neck Lift surgery

The Neck Kift, or lower rhytidectomy, aims to reduce the signs of aging on your jawline and neck. To achieve visible improvement in the neck, a neck lift surgery is performed. Often the changes in your appearance that come from loose skin, loss of muscle, or fatty deposits beneath the chin and jaw can be unwanted. Sometimes, your neck can make it look like you have a double chin.

Good candidates for a Neck Lift

If you want to get rid of the sagging skin or excess fat on your neck, you are an ideal candidate for a Neck Lift surgery. It is important that you have realistic cosmetic goals before you undergo this surgery. It can have an impressive effect on your appearance, giving you a more youthful look. Non-smokers are good candidates for this surgical procedure. You should have no underlying medical conditions that may hinder healing and blood clotting.

Your Neck Lift consultation and procedure details

Your initial consultation with Dr. Rau will involve a physical evaluation of your chin and neck areas. You may also be asked about pre-existing medical conditions, medications currently being taken, and past surgeries. This assessment will help to formulate the best approach for your treatment.

You should tell Dr. Rau about your goals and expected results. If you have further questions about the procedure, this is the best time to ask. Photographs may be taken at this stage for before-and-after comparison.

The procedure involves an incision in front of the ear lobe. From there, it wraps behind the ear and is hidden in the lower scalp. The contours of the neck hide the incision lines after healing. If excess fat needs to be removed, you may undergo liposuction.

Recovery and healing

Neck lift surgery requires downtime and a short recovery period. You may need to wear compression garments after surgery. Bruising and swelling are normal and should disappear after several weeks. Avoid twisting or bending your neck and try to keep it straight at all times for easier healing.

It may take several weeks to a few months to fully heal after your neck-rejuvenation procedure. Avoid strenuous exercises and try to wear clothing that you do not need to pull over your head.

Cost of a Neck Lift

The total price will depend on the use of anesthetics and the extent of work done. This is a highly individualized procedure, so the expenses may include other surgical fees.

Find out more by scheduling a consultation or viewing our pricing for more info.






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