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Why choose to get Jawline Contouring?

Jawline contouring helps patients' jawlines look more defined and sculpted. Jaw Contouring procedures can give the face a slimmer appearance and can improve a person’s facial profile.

The right candidates for Jawline Contouring

Ideal candidates for surgical Jawline Contouring are looking for a long-lasting solution to the poorly defined and sagging look of their jawline. The best candidates for these procedures are in overall good health and have realistic expectations when it comes to results.

Non-smokers are excellent candidates for surgical Jawline Contouring. Smoking causes a loss of skin elasticity, which can result in new sagging skin on the jawline. Smokers often experience a prolonged recovery period after surgery and are more prone to post-surgical complications.

Your consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Rau, the two of you will discuss your complete medical history. This will include any medications you are currently taking, any past procedures, and any allergies you have. A physical examination will also be performed. This will ensure that surgical Jawline Contouring is a safe option for you. You will need to discuss your aesthetic needs and goals, and then Dr. Rau will walk you through your options and help you find the right procedure for you. He will create a surgical plan, and then a date will be set for the surgery.

Surgical Jawline Contouring options

The area below the chin is also called the submental region. Submental liposuction targets excess fat below the chin, eliminating a double chin. A small incision is made, and a cannula removes the fat, effectively contouring the area.

A chin implant can be inserted into the chin in order to add volume, restoring definition to the chin and jawline. Anesthesia is administered, a small incision is made, a pocket is created for the silicone implant, and sutures close the incision.

Buccal fat pads are sections of fat found in the cheeks. With aging, the buccal fat pads sag, creating chubby cheeks. In many cases, slimming down this area of the face can also resolve the appearance of a poorly defined jawline. After local anesthesia, a small cheek incision reveals the fat pads, which are removed, and the incision is sutured.

A neck lift contours the neck and jawline by removing excess skin and fat, tightening sagging skin and muscles. Small incisions, excess skin removal, liposuction, and internal sutures result in a contoured jawline.

The healing process

The healing process differs from patient to patient based on the chosen procedure and the specific details of their case. Generally, bruising and swelling will be present and will fade in time. Cold compresses can be used to reduce swelling, and you will need to keep your head elevated as often as possible. Patients must stay home from work for a time and must avoid physically taxing activities for several weeks. Any sutures will be removed during a follow-up appointment, where Dr. Rau will ensure that healing is progressing properly.

Surgical Jawline Contouring cost?

To determine the price of surgical jawline contouring, many aspects of the procedure are taken into account. The exact procedure chosen affects cost, as do the techniques utilized, the amount of tissue removed, the anesthesia that was administered, and the total surgery time.

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