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Why choose to get Fat Transfer to the breasts?

If you are interested in Breast Augmentation but want to avoid breast implants, you may want to consider fat transfer to the breast. This method of natural breast augmentation is rapidly gaining popularity among women who are not comfortable with the idea of inserting foreign objects into their breasts.

Using your body's fatty tissue minimizes risks associated with breast implants, such as rupture, leaks, and capsular contracture. Natural Breast Augmentation offers a faster and more comfortable recovery period when compared to breast implants. This is because of many factors, including smaller incisions. Because a fat transfer moves unwanted fat from other areas, those areas become reduced in volume. This means that your body gets effectively contoured in two places in a single procedure.

Good candidates

Patients with underlying health problems, those who regularly take certain prescription medications, and pregnant women should be cautious before undertaking a natural breast augmentation procedure.

There’s another important factor to consider as well: how much fat you have available in your body for the fat-harvesting process. Natural breast augmentation requires excess fat to harvest for transfer to your breasts. To ensure the success of the surgery, you must have sufficient fatty deposits available. The amount of body fat you need for the procedure depends on how much you want to enlarge your breasts.

If you find that you don’t have enough body fat to accommodate a natural breast augmentation surgery, you can consider a Mini Breast Augmentation surgery. This uses a much smaller amount of body fat to enhance the breasts slightly. This is ideal for subtle and natural results. Good candidates for this procedure also have realistic expectations in terms of their results.

How is Natural Breast Augmentation performed?

Fat transfer to the breast is a combination of two procedures. In the first step, fatty tissue is gathered from areas of the body such as the thighs, buttocks, or stomach. This is done through liposuction using a small syringe. The retrieved fat cells are then refined into pure fat by removing lipids, anesthetics, and medical fluids. Only the healthiest fat cells should be injected into the breasts since this improves their chance of survival after grafting. Finally, the purified fat is injected into the breasts through 2-to-3-mm incisions in order to create new breast volume. The cells will be injected gently to cause them minimal trauma and ensure their survival.

Recovery and results

You should avoid strenuous exercise and must support your breasts for 3 weeks after the surgery. For 3 months, you will have to wear a sports bra during the day. There may be some side effects like temporary bruising, swelling, and numbness. Swelling and bruising will subside in 3 weeks. If there are any stitches, they are removed after 7-10 days. You will have to stay at home for a couple of days. After 3-7 days, you can go back to work. You can resume strenuous activities after 3 months.

The transplanted cells develop their blood vessels, which supply them with blood and nutrition. They tend to behave like the natural fat present in the breasts. Your body identifies with this organic tissue and nurtures it. The body does not try to reject it. A tiny amount of fat cells is reabsorbed into your body during the six months after the procedure. However, this will not cause any significant change in the size of your breasts. The results of this procedure are permanent. Once the swelling subsides, you will start noticing the results. Your breast shape will improve in the next few months when the fat redistributes itself and settles down. The breasts develop their final shape in 6 months.

Cost of Fat Transfer to the breast

The cost of a Fat Transfer to the breast will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies.

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