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Why choose to get an Arm Lift?

You may seek an arm lift (Brachioplasty) surgery to alleviate the loose, sagging appearance of your upper arms. Factors such as age, weight fluctuations, and heredity can cause your upper arms to droop. Though exercise may tone your underlying arm muscles, you may have fat deposits, a lack of skin elasticity, or weakened tissues that may resist traditional weight-loss and body-toning methods.

What to expect?

An arm lift cosmetic procedure with Dr. Rau will reshape your arms, giving you sleeker skin and contours. Dr. Rau will reduce any excess skin and fat in the area between your underarm and elbow. You will look and feel more toned and proportionate. Your self-confidence may be improved. Your Brachioplasty goals will be discussed realistically with Dr. Rau at your consultation appointment. Together you will decide the best approach to achieve your desired results. You will set a date for surgery and be given instructions about how to prepare.

Procedure details

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, procedure will reshape the underside of your upper arm. Your arm lift procedure will be performed with anesthesia. Dr. Rau will make an incision from your underarm to the elbow and reduce or remove sagging, excess skin, tighten the tissue that defines your arm shape, and reduce localized fat pockets in your upper arm. Some scarring is unavoidable, but your scar will improve and fade over time.

Cost of an Arm Lift?

The cost of an Arm Lift will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies.

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